About Us

Creatively Healthy Living believes in the value of home cooking and creative expression in life. Cooking does not have to be complicated or confusing. Health, family, community, and the budget, all benefit from home prepared meals. Living a creative lifestyle promotes wellness and improves self-esteem. Our Discovery Kitchen classes bring out the culinary explorer in our students. Our Creative Classroom programs encourage healthy cooking and living. Our Theatrical Presentations are a fun way to learn about healthy lifestyles and etiquette. Teaching is the thread we sew through our business, and we educate to make people’s lives better.

Jackie Brewer

Jackie’s immigrant grandparents all influenced her in wanting to share cooking. Everyone were farmers by necessity – to feed the family. As a child when visiting them she was enthralled with their life. Milking the cows for fresh milk which allowed for fresh butter and whip cream. Collecting fresh eggs. Picking green beans for dinner. She enjoyed fresh-from-the garden meals, home-made breads, home-canned products, amazing aromas, laughter around the table and thankfulness. Her parents continued her education in cooking, canning, gardening. Jackie and her husband, Curt, carry on the tradition of the family kitchen experience. Now grown, their 3 sons appreciate what they have learned. Jackie realizes the joy the family had in sharing chores for the benefit of the family.

Jackie finds joy in watching a student discover food, master the necessary culinary skills and savor a meal they created. She desires to teach the skills and pass on the value of knowing how to prepare a wholesome meal. Feeding self and family does not need to be complicated nor expensive. She sees the importance of equipping students of all ages with a working knowledge to preparing scrumptious meals for themselves. Knowing the basics allows for confidence and independence.

Debbie Smith Wagner

Debbie Smith Wagner loves cooking, being creative, and teaching. She has a bachelors degree from the University of Cincinnati, and Cleveland State University. She holds certifications in art and theater education, holistic health coaching, and cooking. She has a 34 year teaching career, and many awards from her years of teaching and directing.

Her new educational business Creatively Healthy Living, offers a variety of exciting classes. Our Discovery Kitchen Classes are fun, creative, and teach the critical skill of nutrition and healthy cooking. The children will walk away with the ability to make informed decisions for a lifetime of wellness. We design other classes to fit the needs of schools and students. We are thematic teachers, and we teach in a creative classroom that presents theatrical presentations to teach on themes. Our classes, workshops, and presentations teach creativity to the joy of cooking. Each class has its own unique experience.